The best new models at Frankfurt motor show

(14 Sep 2011) SHOTLIST
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Frankfurt, Germany – September 13, 2011
1. Various of Mercedes B-Class on stand
2. Various of Fiat Panda on stand
3. Pull of BMW stand
4. Close of sign reading: (English) “World Premiere the all new BMW 1 Series” pull to stand
5. Various of BMW 1 Series
6. Various of i3 Concept Car
7. Various of Jeep stand with new Wrangler
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Joe Vetri, head of Jeep Europe
“We have evolved. We have always been known and still are known for our great four wheel drive capability. But as the customers” tastes have changed we have also emerged. We have come up with new vehicles like Grand Cherokee, we have our new Compass, we have balanced the vehicle with not only its off-road capability but interior refinement, great design, fuel efficiency. All the things a customer expects out of a Jeep in today”s product.”
9. Various of Jeep stand
10. Various of Maserati stand
11. Wide of show floor
12. Wide of Renault stand
13. Various of Renault Frenzy
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jerome Stoll, head of sales, Renault
“This is the main difference we have with other car makers at this Frankfurt Motor Show, we are the only one putting the car tomorrow on the mass market. This car has been developed for some time, we have announced we want to play a leading role in the electric vehicle and now this car will be sold at the beginning of next month. So we are the only car maker really transforming project into reality.”
15. Wide of Renault Twingo world premiere
16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jerome Stoll, head of sales, Renault
“Electric vehicle is really an alliance project. We have invested on both sides. On Japanese side and on the French side. We are sharing the R and D (research and development) and Nissan has already launched its Leaf. But we are launching a complete line up with four vehicles, three of them will be launched this year, before the end of the year, the next one will be on sale by the mid of next year. So the main difference is Nissan has one car, Renault has a complete line-up but we are sharing the R and D.”
17. Various of Renault stand
18. Various of Ferrari 458 Spider on stand
19. Close of the Rolls Royce Spirit of Ecstasy badge
20. Wide of Rolls Royce stand
If you want to know what the cars of tomorrow will look like today, then the Frankfurt Motor Show is the place.
BMW, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes and Chrysler are all showing off their latest production and concept models at one of the industry”s largest and most important events.
The world”s car makers are looking past the economic worries in Europe and the United States at this year”s Frankfurt auto show, with many betting on cleaner, smaller, high-mileage vehicles aimed at evolving consumer tastes to get people to dig deep in to their pockets.
The industry, which suffered through the recession caused by the 2007-2009 financial crisis, has been riding the global recovery but now is looking at shakier prospects amid Europe”s mounting debt crisis and worries about the U.S. economy.
The mood at this year”s show is more upbeat thanks to recent strong profits in the motor industry but remains clouded by the European government debt crisis, which has depressed consumer optimism and growth forecasts for the year ahead.
But this year”s 64th International Motor Show will nevertheless be in sharp contrast to the last show in 2009, when the recession cast a pall.
Organisers say 1,007 exhibitors have signed up, compared with 781 last time, and the confidence of the home carmakers is such that VW luxury brand Audi is splashing out for its own test track.

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