West Germany – Ex President Carter meets US hostages

(23 Jan 1981) 01/22/81 c0068043
ln26500 23/1/81 s
w germany: frankfurt & wiesbaden: w german chancellor, helmut schmidt, meeting former us pres jimmy carter, at frankfurt airport. carter welciming the us hostages released from iran, at wiesbaden military hospital, on behalf of us pres, ronald reagan.
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w germany frankfurt crowd, schmidt arriving to greet carter. crowd waving: carter off plans, down steps: through crowd, and waving from rostrum, among crowd again: Carter speaking to crowd about hostages’ ordeal: ”One of the acts in my life which has been the most moving and gratifying in meeting with and discussing the future and the past with the now liberated Ameicans who were held hostage in Iran for so long. I pointed out to them that, since their capture by the Iranian terrorists and their being held in this despicable act of savagery, that the American people’s hearts have gone out to them and the nation has been united as perhaps never before in history and that the prayers that have gone up from the people throughout the world to God for their safety have finally been answered”. Crowd with placards ‘Thanks Jimmy’: car away:
w germany wiesbaden carter arriving at hospital, off car: carter into building, pull – out: press outside: hostages at balcony: carter greeted by one hostage, hugs him, then leaves:
ekta(sof): upitn / kraus: 3’26”: 129ft:
s 23/1/81

schmidt, helmut
us – fr – germany, w
iran – fr – us
carter, jimmy
germany, w – fr – us
us – fr – israel

129 ft col pt

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