German ship delivers supplies to Spanish frigate


At Sea – 31 March 2016
1. Spanish frigate Nomancia at sea
2. Various of Nomancia approaching the ‘Frankfurt am Main’
3. Crew member using semaphore
4. Various of crew pulling ropes between ships
5. Various of fuel hose being connected
6. SOUNDBITE (English) no name given for security reasons, First Supply Officer:
“Just right now on our starboard side we can see the frigate Nomancia, a Spanish one and we are just delivering some fuel – it is one of our main tasks here as a logistics platform on our mission.”
7. Various of Nomancia being refuelled and crew holding ‘Frankfurt am Main’ steady
8. SOUNDBITE (English) no name given for security reasons, First Supply Officer:
“As you can see, we are quite a big vessel, and we are able to store many of the items which are used for example to do some maintenance on other German vessels as well for other units of our force, and we of course store not only spare parts, we store as well provisions, water, and lubricants for example.”
9. Wide aerial of “Frankfurt am Main” seen from helicopter
10. Various of helicopter landing on the deck of the ship and picking up spare parts to carry them to other vessel
A German combat support ship operating in the Mediterranean Sea refuelled a Spanish frigate on Thursday and transferred spare parts by helicopter.
The “Frankfurt am Main” is working as part of a European Union military initiative to halt the flow of migrants in the Southern and Central Mediterranean Sea.
The ship’s main role is to replenish and support other EU and NATO ships, but the “Frankfurt am Main” is prepared to perform emergency rescue operations as well.
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